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Drayton Stoves is one of the most preferred suppliers of premium-grade log burner Shropshire. No matter if you reside in the countryside or your home is situated at a no-smoke zone in the city or you need to heat the entire home or a single room or you are looking for the classics or something relatively modern in terms of appearance, we can help you find the perfect fireplace as per your budget or requirements.


Wood burning stoves or wood burners, more commonly known as log burners in Shropshire and other places across the UK, have gradually evolved as a popular alternative for open fires in the country and are generally utilised for household heating. They are purpose-constructed from steel or cast iron for incinerating wood-based fuel, such as wood briquettes, logs, or wood pellets. The stove is equipped with a flue duct that releases the hot fumes generated by the burning of wood.

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